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The sky looked like this last week.

Unpublished for a year

Finally, this day has come. Few months ago, the previous semester transpired. Back then, I had blues given the fact that I was practically alone for that semester. 

Blue Semester

My close friends, who were my classmates about a year ago, did not anymore become my classmates that blue semester. We were all distributed in the three different blocks for our course. Faith and Tricia were in Block B; Von in Block C and I in Block A. 

As stereotypical as it may sound, the block I was in had the intelligencia from our year level. They were all studious, hardworking and responsible—so unlike me. I did not feel like being in that block at all. I wanted to be in Block B, instead. People were “normal” there. For the first half of that semester, I felt alone. 

There was that part of me wanting to join the other blocks because the people were so serious, so competitive and so seriously competitive in ours. I am no serious. I am no competitive. And neither am I seriously competitive. I get so high when bored, I couldn’t bare to face the blackboard. I procrastinate whenever studying entails. They were no high. They were never bored enough to keep their eyes off the board. They certainly are no procrastinators; they prepare a million years early for examinations. 

It was tough. All those times I was sitting through my classes, I think to myself. “I wanna go home already.” “When will all this be over?” “Can I transfer to another block instead?” “Why am I stuck with these smarties? I feel like an idiot trapped in a cage.”

There were lots of times I just wanted to quit school. That was a common feeling for a lazy bum but for that Blue Semester, I really wished I could enter the classroom one day, be sucked in a vacuum and be lost for eternity than enter the classroom every day, be sucked in a bermuda-triangle-like class and be lost in every word or every action my teacher or my classmates say or do. 

While I was being a ghost—invisible and lost—in that Blue Semester, I just tried to live out my life well and joyfully. I just lived it without losing myself in the process. I did not want to change just to fit in. I am a square peg in a round hole; the round hole being our block.

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