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"Ignorance is bliss."


Plane landing. Welcome to Davao ✈ Should get a video soon during daytime ☀

Kami njd ni @horroaren ang pinakalit maglaag2 masking asa. ☺☺ Hi Darcy’s!!! (at Darcy’s Place)
Coming home to these feels so great—and that is only an understatement. When Fully Booked and National Bookstore had a sale months ago, I immediately asked (or forced) Kuya to buy me books. Now I have plenty of books to read this summer. Thanks, Kuya! 👍 Oh, I also have to watch episode after episode of different TV shows. What else? I have to catch up with friends I miss here. I’m home guys! See you! ❤😊
Waiting. Davao ground at last ❤
"Picture ta!" Regards ko anang 3 sa ubos. Plus another one. You know na. Hahehihohu